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Your invitation to an Erotic Life

For many who come to Orgasmic Meditation* (OM), it is their first invitation into an erotic life.

To create a regular OM practice, they often find that they must embrace something that challenges their rational minds (“how exactly does OM work?”) and voluntarily relinquish a measure of control for the possibility of what lies in the unknown.

15 minutes at a time and within the bounds of a strict container, many find their first real taste of Eros.

OM becomes a scheduled opportunity to step out of the mundane, workaday world and into a vital realm of mystery and desire.

Those who dare to ask the question of how they can incorporate OM into their lives for greater erotic expression in their work, friendships, health, and sex, are those for whom the OM practice quickens the impulse towards an extraordinary life.

Although unable to capture their experience in formulaic terms, they have now seen beyond the veil of the controlled, production-oriented status quo world, and recognise that every aspect of life can be touched by the erotic, can express a connection to what is bursting with energy within them!

Many say that learning OM is like finally touching something real.

The substitutes of fantasy and seeking wholeness in someone else, are replaced by an awareness of what they really want in every moment and situation.

They discover that honest acknowledgement and communication of their desires are the keys to a life throbbing with passion, fire, intensity, and genuine interpersonal connection.

(*Orgasmic Meditation is a trademark of OneTaste Inc. and is used with permission)

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