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Orgasmic Meditation - Pushing out in the world!

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Women who OM discover that they can access enjoyment in every moment - especially if willing to turn on and push out!

There have always been a great many factors conspiring to contain women, including notions of what it means to be a good woman and the more general societal mores of what it means to be proper and appropriate.

But OM teaches women how to tune into pleasure, by at least questioning some of the rules of propriety, and that has the tendency to open up new pathways to freedom.

For many women, OM is the first time they have allowed a desire to be free to grow larger than their wanting to please others and fit in.

While it remains easier to maintain a regular OM practice when surrounded by community, continuing the journey of self discovery by pushing against the constricting walls of the status quo means taking the time to understand what is required to cultivate practice regardless of circumstances and stay in constant connection to the courage and openheartedness needed to play full-on even without guarantees.

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