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Hungry Ghost Desires

Orgasmic Meditation* offers the lived experience of desire being a compass to our enjoyment and fulfilment.

It is often easier, however to make an adjustment in an OM, in line with desire, than it is to completely surrender to desire in other areas of our lives.

Those who OM learn that the state of not fully trusting desire has predictable side effects including becoming fixated on solving problems, attaching what we really want to toxic mimics, and pursuing desires that can never be gratified by any amount of consumption.

Desires that can never be fed, or ‘hungry ghost’ desires, often arise when instead of facing the pain, disillusion, and disappointment we encountered at some point in the past, we attempt to compensate for what we think was missing or could have prevented in those circumstances.

The past can never be changed or fixed, however, and that is one reason why hungry ghost desires can never be fulfilled.

Through OM we practice presence and expand our ability to hold intense sensation. This allows us to notice when our desires are not current and finally face the pain from the past from which we have been running away.

In this way we come to heal, restore a sense of wholeness, and connect with the true desires waiting to shape who we are to become, not fix who we once thought we were supposed to be.

*Orgasmic Meditation is a trademark of OneTaste Inc. and is used with permission.

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