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 Orgasm Coaching

What is it?

Orgasm Coaching is a model of coaching that applies the conditions of good sex to how we relate to success and achievement. 


Built on a foundational idea that how we approach our sexuality is how we do everything, Orgasm Coaching makes life transformation possible in a fun, accessible way. 


By bringing awareness to our bodies and our being in their interaction with pleasure and desire, we can uncover patterns of belief and behaviour that don’t serve the experience of satisfaction and fulfilment. 


From a place of greater consciousness, we can learn new tools for enhancing our sense of connectedness in all of our relationships, whether with our health, money, work, sex, self and intimacy. 

Our vision of what’s possible gets rejuvenated from an enhanced sense of freedom and agency over our lives and the confirmation that we can enjoy the journey as much as arriving at our destination!

AJS_20191015_Aneka J Thé
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