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The Currency of Orgasm

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

It takes practice to take action in alignment with our deepest desires and not as a reaction to pain and adversity.

The practice is one of cultivating energy by being responsible for our sexual, spiritual, emotional and physical needs and then learning how to spend the resulting Orgasm wisely.

It is a generative process that sets up a cycle of giving and receiving between our internal and external worlds, and can lead to the experience of fulfilment.

For many of us, setting up and maintaining this practice is not easy however.

We may get stuck early on in the confrontation with the conditioning that has us put the needs of others before our own or with the belief that our desires will be magically met as a reward for being good men and women. Even when we have learned to cultivate energy, we may find ourselves often unable to move from thinking into action, caught in a state of feeling full but tumescent!

Continually expanding our understanding of the nature of Orgasm and its phases can help us learn how to relate to Orgasm as our currency though - the energy we cultivate and spend on the journey to manifesting our desires.

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