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Accessing Orgasm, Harnessing True Power

Learning Orgasmic Meditation offers a new way of looking at Orgasm.

OM shifts the perspective of Orgasm away from being only the peak of a sexual encounter to including the entire experience and not only in the domain of sex.

Orgasm becomes about our ability to give and receive pleasure in any area of our lives!

For many of us who practice OM, this took the pressure off our approach to our sexuality and ensured that we were able to enjoy and experience the benefits of our new practice as well.

From the practice, we can learn to slow down, to put our attention on sensation in our bodies, to feel the connection between ourselves and our partners, and share what we feel in a new somatic language that lets others into our experience.

Over time, we may begin to notice that we no longer judge some strokes in an OM as good or bad - not unlike how we often judge what happens to us in lives as good or bad - but that as we continue to practice, we can simply feel a wider range of sensations as is, without needing them to be any other way.

This change can be the gateway to our understanding that we are responsible for our experience and that we have always had the power to say an unconditional ‘yes’ to what is there.

A potent act of surrender, we discover that it was our willingness to meet reality with openness and curiosity that gives us access to Orgasm and true mastery over our circumstances!

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