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Your Orgasm Coach

You can have an orgasmic life!

Online Coaching with Aneka Theolade

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Meet Aneka

'Your Orgasm Coach' 

Hi! I am so pleased that you want to meet me.


That could only mean one thing. 


You recently touched a place deep inside yourself and remembered that not only is more possible but that it is your birthright to have it. 


It is my privilege to connect with people like you at this juncture of your life and potentially be your guide as you begin your orgasmic journey.


Being an Orgasm Coach means I have the knowledge, tools, and experience to help you apply the principles of good sex to every area of your life. 


Why should your experience of deep pleasure and satisfaction be confined to only one area of your life and at the mercy of your diary, your partner, or the quality of your personal pleasure toys?


When you know how, everything can be orgasmic - the journey to your deepest desires can be as enjoyable and satisfying as reaching the peak of realisation!

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What I Specialize In

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Healing Shame & Healthy


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Reconnecting with Desire & Pleasure

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 Relational Intimacy &


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Better Sex &  Connection 

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Cultivating an Orgasmic Mindset 


The Journey Towards a Life of Passion, Purpose and Fulfilment starts with Orgasm. Start Your Journey Today.

“I trust Aneka's wisdom, kindness, boundaries, professionalism, generosity and love.”

- Michael S. 

“Working with Aneka literally woke me out of victim mode and helped me create more of what I want in my life!”

- Tina D. 

“I discovered Aneka after 20 years of therapy. After just one session, I saw my life differently. It was time to move forward from the past.”

- Evan M.

Let's turn on your life!

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